What Dogs Teach Us About the Kingdom of Heaven
Precious Light Bearers in the Sacred Images of Divinity

Oh, such a high noble work of animal kind,

is the dog creature magnificent and most adorable.

So perfectly designed and arrayed in the wondrous beauty of God art.

Angel touched from above to be a love blessing of the heart,

And a beloved companion by our side.

And for true dog lovers, a holy kiss from Heaven's lips.


What God Teaches Us Through Dogs About His Kingdom

Precious Light Bearers in the Sacred Images of Divinity, Part One

For more information about this book, please visit the Sample page.  While there, you can listen to an interview that one of the book's authors, Sandra Wolfe, participated in with hosts Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason of Animal Talk Naturally Radio on September 22, 2010.  It may help give more prospective of the book and its contents.

Heaven's virtues are being spiritually displayed right beside you.

Are you missing God's priceless reminders of His teachings and ways

modeled by His precious fur angel creation?

Most Christian dog lovers do not realize, or perhaps have even contemplated, that a dog's heart and soul emanates a radiant witness of Heaven's virtues-with the greatest of this is love.  The beloved endowments they carry, bestowed from the very throne of the almighty Creator God, are in honor and glory of our Blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Did You Know . .

  1. A dog depicts a beautiful picture and likeness of Kingdom of Heaven teachings and commandments?
  2. That these fabulous creatures reflect and witness of Godly virtues that would help in the Christian walk?
  3. A dog is a living, breathing, example and testimony of how God's light should shine in us?
  4. That dogs portray and illustrate a fascinating parallel of discipleship qualities to the master?
  5. Did you ever think to look for Jesus in your dog?


No Other Earth Creature is Blessed With Heaven's Virtues
As Wondrous As The Dog.


It is our hope that the Christian dog lover will be pleased, surprised, and enlightened to the higher spiritual virtues and biblical principles of their cherished dog.

For any questions concerning this book, please email info@christiandoglovers.com.


What Dogs Teach Us About The Kingdom Of Heaven
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